Understanding the complexity of employee benefits plans is a challenge even for experienced benefits managers. Employers need to keep abreast of constantly changing trends, laws, and other regulations. Employees need to be able to understand their benefits well in order to be wise consumers and understand the value of their “hidden paycheck.” Unfortunately, most employers have limited resources in this area.

We provide exceptional service through our education and training opportunities. Our employee seminars are designed to help educate employees, create health-conscious employees and reduce high claim utilization and high-dollar claim expenses. They also provide an atmosphere for team building.

The Innovative Insurance Solutions’ team will help you tackle your mounting employee communication challenges. With strategic planning and thorough understanding of your communication objectives, we provide custom seminars, communication materials as well as a customize portal that will help both you and your employees understand your plans and the issues influencing your benefits decisions.


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  • Consumer-Directed Healthcare (CDHC)
  • Employer Education Articles and Newsletters
  • Handbooks & Policies
  • Health Awareness Newsletter
  • Health Awareness Payroll Stuffers
  • Know Your Employee Benefits
  • Live Well, Work Well
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